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Chocolate Stains! What to do!

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What would parties and tasty goodies be like without chocolate? And frankly, who doesn't love chocolate? When it's in sweets or just on its own, chocolate is awesome, but when it melts onto clothes or your carpet? Eek, it's positively awful.

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What would parties and tasty goodies be like without chocolate? And frankly, who doesn't love chocolate? When it's in sweets or just on its own, chocolate is awesome, but when it melts onto clothes or your carpet? Eek, it's positively awful. Because chocolate has such a low melting temperature and is made from milk solids and cocoa, it can get on things turning something you enjoy into a fiasco. 

Chocolate is one of those stains that need to be taken care of immediately so as not to run the risk of becoming a permanent part of the carpet or article of clothing. I have provided some healthy tips below that should assist you in removing stubborn chocolate stains so you can continue to enjoy the fun and tasty treats.

What To Look For

  • Chocolate that finds its way onto your carpets or clothing

Healthy Tips

Home Cleaning Solutions:

  • Combine ¼ liquid dish soap and 1 cup of warm water.
  • Combine 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 4 cups of warm water.

Tips for clothing:

  • Pre-soak the stained clothing item in cold water
  • Apply some pre-wash cleaner if necessary and let sit for a few minutes.
  • Wash in hot water using regular detergent. BEFORE putting in dryer make sure the hot water lifted the stain in a soft and pliable state. Once the stain is removed then you can apply the following tip.
  • If the stain is placed in the dryer, the heat can set the stain and make it difficult, if not impossible, to remove.
  • Heavy cream makes the fatty components of the chocolate fresh and easier to remove. Saturate the area with the cream, allow it to soak and launder as normal.
  • If you see any residue of stains or grease, use a dry-cleaning solvent to remove the spot.
  • If the stain still remains, try applying hydrogen peroxide with a soft sponge and wash again.

Tips for carpet:

  • Use a flat spatula or paper towel to wipe up as much of the spill as you can.
  • Test your cleaning solution on a small area to make sure it does not discolor the carpet.
  • Apply the cleaning solution from the outside to the center of the stain and let sit for a few minutes.
  • Use a clean white cloth to blot out the stain until no more is removed from the carpet (be careful not to rub the stain with the cloth as it will only imbed the stain deeper).
  • Rinse the area with cold water and remove any remaining cleaning solution.
  • If the stain is still there, follow the steps again before calling a professional cleaner. After you think the spot is completely clean, place paper towels over the area to absorb the moisture and dry completely.


  • Make favored marking areas less easily accessible for your cat and/or change the context of those places (place his food and water or toys in that area to inhibit the spraying).
  • If he starts sniffing an area that was previously marked, make a loud noise to distract him and let him know it is not acceptable.
  • To clean soiled areas use a stain/odor remover with enzymes specifically for pet odors.
  • Apply white vinegar or a citrus spray to the previously soiled spot several times a day after the area has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Spend about 10 minutes at a certain time each day to play with and pet your cat. He will quickly learn to expect the attention which will ease any anxiety he may have experienced.
  • Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to examine your cat for the possible reasons for its behavior.

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