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I'm living a wonderful life in beautiful upstate NY and enjoying being a part of the Adirondack Mountains with my parrots, Captain, Ringo and Ziggy. I am a mom to 3 adult children and a grandmother to 4. It's my wish to you that through my blog that you, your family and friends will find the information on this site beneficial and life enhancing. I hope you will "like, share, and post" to help get the information out there so that many will benefit!
I'm looking for business partners to become part of my team and movement called Consumers Uniting™. If you have an executive temperament, contact me thru here or at my website

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One of the "basics" on pet travel is to practice safety. Another way to practice safety is to restrain your pet with a harness. I have parrots and when I take my parrots out for a trip, each bird has its own travel cage. The travel cages are restrained with a seat belt.

Remember that your pet will also need to take a "potty break" too. Not so for my parrots, they go when they want to in their cages.

Your pet will also love to have something from home as they will take comfort in this and will ensure you a much more pleasant trip. I pack my parrots favorite treats and along with their favorite toy and snugger.

Some things to do prior your trip is to:

  • See your veterinarian to be sure your pet is fit for travel and that they're current on their vaccinations. Be sure to ask for health certificates and vaccination records for out of state travel.
  • Make sure their ID tags are current. Make sure the tags are readable as well as their rabies tag. Be sure to tag your pet and their crate with the destination address and destination phone number 
  • Prevent dehydration by packing plenty of water. Collapsible food bowls make traveling convenient for feeding and watering. Look for the Handi Drink Pet Water Bottle.
  • Don't forget their medications and supplements.
  • Have a first aid kit handy in case of an emergency.
  • Prior your departure, exercise your pet. This will help them to sleep better.  When you stop for a break have them exercise again.
  • You can prevent car sickness by feeding your pet four hours earlier prior leaving. Then 2 hours before you leave feed only a small amount of food.
  • If your pet is anxious about travel, try soothing non-prescription products like Rescue Remedy or Ultra Calm.
  • Groom your pet. To prevent injury and snags in the crate, have their toe nails trimmed.
  • You can keep cleanup a breeze by using car seat covers to keep your car seats free from hair shed.

Actually these travel tips may be used year round. May you and your family and friends have a very happy and safe trip if your traveling during the Christmas season and the coming New Year. Remember it's always better to arrive alive at your final destination.

Best Wishes!



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Go organic this Thanksgiving by updating your ingredients for your family’s dinning plate.

You can express love for your family this season by using as many organic ingredients that you can, in your desired Thanksgiving recipes.  Create remarkable dishes that all will enjoy as you host the meal or traveling to family and friends for the day full of good cheer and ingredients.

Here are some tips for an organic Thanksgiving Feast.


Observe the label for the turkey you pick to be free from hormones, antibiotics, or additives; was the turkey a free range turkey or locally produced?  Is the turkey organic? Use organic turkey brine if you can.


Try to make it from scratch. I like to use sprouted whole grain breads for the base. You can add your family’s favorite veggies too!  Arrowhead Mills creates an impressive stuffing mix that’s simple to dish up.


These are on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of fruits and vegetables. They are over dosed with pesticide sprays. Scrub them, especially in their crevices or buy organic. I use almond milk to avoid the hormones and antibiotic in milk. If you have mobility issues like I have, or you’re pressed for time; Edward & Sons creates a fantastic boxed organic mashed potato that you can’t tell the difference in taste!


I usually make mine from scratch and I look for organic berries too. If you go can, make your purchase an organic one. Pacific Foods or Grown Right is the brands to look for at your local co-op or local health food store. Be creative in trying something different this year by doing an uncooked dish, like a relish. Just chop up the fresh cranberries. Use coconut sugar instead of sugar, squeeze fresh orange juice instead of can or box, and add some zest from the organic orange.


Last year I used Pacific Foods Organic Turkey Gravy Mix because of the limited use of my arms.  Easy it was! Just heat and serve. However there is nothing that beats homemade gravy.  If you do use the broth from your turkey be sure to use an organic all purpose flour to thicken your gravy.  Do you need gluten free? Consider Road’s End Gravy mixes.


Oh for the love of the desserts! These too can be organic! For instance use organic pumpkin puree. Be sure that  your sugar and condensed milk are organic too. By choosing organic you’ll feel better because you’re feeding your family better!    

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!



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